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Real food for real people! WTF does that mean?

Real food for real people What on earth does this slogan mean? To start we have to define the word real and what we mean by real over here at 1xinfin. The word real comes with several definitions. Not illusionary Not imitation Not artificial Genuine When it comes to food as consumers we tend to […]

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It is time to say goodbye to McIlhenny’s Tabasco

The credit of hot sauce on every table can not be denied. It was McIlhenny who made that happen. 145 years ago they pioneered the thought that hot sauce should be sprinkled on your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their Tabasco Sauce was the pioneer and is now the dominant sauce in an explosive industry. They […]

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Growing super hot peppers – we have flowers

We started this crazy indoor pepper growing project because it just ain’t hot enough to grow these Chinense CapsicumsĀ on the central coast of California. Now with the help of our grow master we have some gorgeous starts that are now fat and flowering. Check out the pics and some new surprises as well. With just […]

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No GMO: A plea to the First Lady and President Obama

The letter I just sent the Obama’sĀ verbatim: Mr. President and First Lady Obama, I am a staunch supporter and have always seen your middle of the road approach to government as the only solution to struggles related to today’s polarized partisanship. I write to you with a plea not just for me, but for my […]

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