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Product updates! In the lab last night, new hot sauce, and production of F sauce and BBQ sauce.

As with any startup, in the Web 2.0 era, you gotta give product updates right? So here it is in chapters: 1. Sunday night 10-20-13, three and a half years to the day since I made the first F sauce label, I broke out the trust invention cuisinart and started up a new blend. G-sauce, […]

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The cat is out of the bag, yes it is a KGWans commercial – please share

OK folks, here it is. The KGWans online video. It is R rated because of language. Thanks to Lue Simcoe at Cleva1 Productions (Director/Producer), Karl-Heinz Konrad, Joey Alaniz, Ramon Rodriguez (Actors), Maya and Max G (Sound and assistance), Andrew Ko and Kayleigh Mestrovich (Support, etc…). If you can, please help us get the word out […]

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Our first Super Market! Shoppers Corner now carries KGWans Hot Sauce.

Just a week back from New Orleans and the official launch and we are already in our first super market. Yes indeed, we are officially on the shelves at Shopper’s Corner. This is one of my favorite stores and where I purchase most of the meat I use in my BBQs. Please get down there […]

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From fire comes fire, KGWans it’s that good!

Thanks to Steve Batiste and Moy Valencia for their ideas and input. A special thanks to Luke Bullock for doing the audio edits. HERE.IT.IS! The final cut of the quick from fire comes fire commercial. Stay tuned as there will be a bunch more fun stuff to come. Hey, do me a favor. Share it, […]

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The first of many fun and funny marketing tools – We need your feedback

Check out the new video we did for a little bit of a laugh. We need your help. What should we do as far as music? Voice over? Should we keep it silent? Let us know your thoughts people!

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