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Hot Sauces from Around the World

Think Americans are the only ones trying to come up with the newest and the spiciest sauces?  Think again.  In every corner of the world people are becoming more obsessed with making food that is hotter.  Check out these awesome international sauces. Yuzusco. This “liquid spice” from Japan is essentially a combination of Tabasco sauce and Yuzu, […]

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1xinfin Superhots Scoville Chart The Pepper Plant POSTER of the decade!!!

First we gave you the most super awesome superhots scoville chart of all time!!! And now as requested we have transformed it from a Prezi to an epic poster sized image. Without further commetnary, HERE. YOU. GO! Superhots pepper plant poster (Click here to get the full image)

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The new new superhot pepper plant scoville magical chart

My designer Mike took some basic instruction and ran a marathon in 5 seconds FLAT. This is just way more than I envisioned and frankly in my not so humble opinion the most bad ass pepper and scoville graphic EVER!!!!!! Come on, tell me this ain’t as hot as a ghost pepper fresh off the […]

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