Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

In case you needed yet another reason to eat tons of hot sauce, as it turns out, there are a ton of health benefits to amping up the heat levels in your food.

Firstly, hot sauce is good to have on your diet, to avoid overeating and keep your food well-balanced.  Think about it: you can easily shovel a ton of bland or even salty food in your mouth but with spicy food, you need to pace yourself, and you’ll know when enough is enough. Similarly, hot sauce adds low-calorie and low-fat flavor to healthy foods like vegetables and grains, rather than adding flavor via animal fats like cheese or meats.  Hot sauce is a diet cook’s best friend!


More scientifically,  red chili peppers used in hot sauce contain compounds called capsinoids that will help your body activate more “brown fat” (a healthy fat that, when initiated, burns calories). You’re basically losing weight the spicier you eat!


Hot peppers help your muscles relax! Hot peppers have a lot of  capsinoids, known as a wonder compound, which can help reduce pain and inflammation.  Try putting hot sauce on your post-workout meal or to relax after a long day of lugging around a backpack or briefcase. Chili peppers are also said to help joint pain, like in arthritis.

If you’ve ever reached for the KGWans during a cold, than you probably know the effect it has on your sinuses. Say goodbye to all that gross goo when hot sauce can really clear out the mucus.  If you’re not feeling well enough to eat, try adding a few drops to hot tea or warm water and lemon, or stir into soup. Keep the tissues nearby and the hot sauce closer.


So next time you load hot sauce on your meal, feel good knowing that you’re doing something healthy for yourself!