Hot Sauce for Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a tricky day.  You don’t want to get dad yet another tie and all the cool gadgets he wants are totally out of your price range. If you’re over a certain age, and especially if you don’t have kids, giving a handmade gift (unless you’re super crafty) is probably not going to cut it.

Hot sauce, however, is truly the perfect Father’s Day gift, for 2014 and every year following.


Why?  Well firstly, of course, hot sauce is delicious.  It can be used on pretty much everything so it’s an all-purpose gift to remind dad of you each and every meal.  Unless you’re thinking of getting him a self-cleaning fork instead, there’s not much else that will have the same effect.

Hot Sauce can also be used for dad’s bragging rights at the barbecue, or as a compliment to the rest of his cooking.  And, you get to take some of the credit!

Package up hot sauce in a cool wine gift bag, found at gift shops and drug stores, or wrap it in tissue paper or a cool fabric and tie with  twine. Or make special labels for a sweet message to dad!

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If you want to get really special, pair up the hot sauce with a six-pack of beer (or a DIY beer-making kit s also a popular and fun gift), to help cut the spice when dad overdoes it with the KGSwans. Mix and match varieties or purchase a multipack for the ultimate gift.

Write a card telling dad he’s the cooled, well, hottest, dad in town, and you’re all set for an ideal Father’s Day!