A Brief History of Hot Sauce

Humans have used chili peppers and hot spices for millenniums in order to give their food an extra kick.


This Aztec image from about 3500 BCE shows a father punishing his child with the spicy fumes of hot sauce.


Bottles believed to have contained hot sauce or spicy condiments have been discovered from ancient shipwrecks…

This old hot sauce bottle is thought to be over 150 years old and was found near Virginia City.


The first known bottled hot sauce was sold in Massachusetts in 1807.  New York and New Orleans soon followed the culinary trend.


One of America’s oldest hot sauces is Tabasco sauce.  The founder, Edmund Mcilhenney, was an avid gardener. After planting pepper seeds from Central America in New Orleans, his famous recipe was born.


The popularity of Tabasco sauce led home cooks and professional chefs to create their own hot sauce recipes, customizing spiciness to personal taste and using fresh ingredients for ultimate flavor.


Now, hot sauce is the coolest (well, hottest) condiment around!