KGWans at the BBQ

Grilling is easily the best (and most fun) way to cook over the summer!

You get to be outside, usually among friends or family, listening to music, drinking, and eating as soon as the food comes hot off the grates.


Serious grillers and pit masters have their top-secret barbecue sauce recipes, used to marinate and dip everything from barbecued brisket to chicken. But some of us aren’t savvy enough to come up with our own sauce recipes (let’s thank Karl from KGWans for this skill…).

If you want to do something a bit different with your grilled steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers, consider cooking and serving them with hot sauce.

You can mix KGWans into a traditional BBQ sauce or use it on its own.  Try adding some to a raw hamburger patty for an extra kick, or use instead of ketchup on your hot dog.


And we all know how painful vegetarians can be at your grilling party. I was a vegetarian for many, many years, so yeah, I know the routine of pretending to be okay with a bun with ketchup and maybe a slice of cheese for dinner.

Instead of giving non-meat eaters some lame veggie burger alternative, consider cooking fresh veggies and flavoring them with KGWans! You may even convert some meat-lovers…