Why You Need KGWans on You At ALL Times

If you’ve ever taken a plane, cooked a meal, gone to a potluck, or eaten at a cafeteria, you may already know what I’m going to say…

There’s some bad food out there.

From inedible mush to just bland, boring cooking, it’s such a huge disappointment when a meal doesn’t live up to expectations.

How many times have you ordered a dish, be it a steak, a burger, or even macaroni and cheese, to be disappointed when you dig in and find the food flavorless, unremarkable, or even send-it-back worthy?  A bad meal can totally ruin a day that’s otherwise going well, or make a bad day oh so much worse.

Prevent the disappointment and frustration that comes with an unexpected (or expected, if you’re going to an old aunt’s house and you know she’s never heard of salt and pepper…), bad meal: carry your KGWans!  Put it in your purse, briefcase, backpack, whatever!  Carry an extra lunch bag if you need to, but KGWans is seriously your one-stop solution for fixing the meal that could potentially ruin your day.

Not only will you not be disappointed by the food on your plate, you get the self satisfaction of knowing you independently improve and almost-train wreck. And if you’re dining with friends or colleagues, you could just be the hero of the lunch table!

When it comes to not carrying KGWAns or carrying it every day, the choice is clear.